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5 Reasons you need a photo booth at your wedding

Are you debating on having a photo booth at your wedding reception? Professional photo booths provide more than just a few silly photos!

When you think about all the vendors and items you need for your wedding, you may not think you need a professional photo booth at your wedding reception. After all, you've already hired a professional wedding photographer and probably also a videographer, to capture the entire day. Your guests will be taking loads of photos and selfies on their personal cell phones. So why do you also need a photo booth when other photos are being captured?

Photo booths offer a guest experience and provides memories of people being themselves.

1. Memorable Guest Experience

Wedding photo booths provide another option for guest entertainment. It's not just about capturing images- we create a memorable experience so guests are having fun while taking photos, GIFs, boomerangs and slow motion clips. Your friends and family of all ages will enjoy posing for an individual or group photo. A photo booth at your marriage celebration also offers an activity for those guests not wanting to dance all night long.

2. Keepsake Images of All Wedding Guests

Your wedding photographer will be focused on capturing photos of primarily two groups of people- your wedding party and your families. What about photos of all your other friends, coworkers, and distant relatives? The photo booth is a place that all your guests can snap images for their enjoyment but you will also be able to look back to see everyone who celebrated your big day.

Photo booth photos are authentic images of your guests. People are relaxed, laughing, wearing a silly hat or cheers-ing with that glass of bubbly. Photo booth images will show your guests letting loose and being themselves.

Our Fête Booth photo booths capture still images that can be printed along with digital boomerangs, 4-photo GIF videos and slow motion video clips. From clink & drink toasting videos to silly dancing, our couples love sharing them on their Facebook and Instagram social accounts.

3. Instant Enjoyment

Photo booths instantly capture laughing moments with silly props, your high school besties giving their best Kardashian glam pose or your extended family taking a group photo.

Our Fête Booth photo booths instantly text images and video clips to guests via text message or email. We also have live event galleries so images can be enjoyed by all in real-time. We regularly hear from our St. Louis wedding couples that they re-live the night by browsing the photo booth gallery on the day after their wedding.

You likely will not see your professional wedding photos for many weeks after your big day; a photo booth will allow you to enjoy and share high-quality photos immediately after your wedding.

4. Great Alternative to Dancing

Do some of your guests have two left feet? Although it might be entertaining to see Uncle Fred showing off some crazy dance moves, a photo booth at your wedding provides fun for those guests who don't want to dance all night. It's also a great activity for some laughs until those drinks kick in and people are ready to boogie!

5. The Best Wedding Guest Favor

Choosing the perfect wedding guest favor can be a challenge. Should you give custom monogrammed chocolates, tiny potted succulents, or a wine bottle stopper? All of these items are great (and if you have the budget, absolutely splurge on these!), but a photo booth provides memories that guests will likely not forget anytime soon. Providing an unforgettable guest experience is better than any item you can buy. Photo booth images will live on people's social accounts forever and will be fun to pop up in their memories for years to come. You can have prints made on-site so guests can leave with something tangible. People love to hang their photo booth images in their office or on their fridge!

Providing an unforgettable guest experience is better than any item you can buy.

Photo booths provide an unforgettable experience!

We, at Fête Booth St. Louis, love capturing you and your guests letting loose and capturing authentic smiles, laughs and memories. We've never had a couple regret adding a photo booth. Brides and grooms are so thankful they decided to book a wedding photo booth as it's often one of the top things guests will talk about after the wedding.

Don't wait to book your photo booth!



Fête Booth is a photo booth company based in St. Louis, MO offering photo booth rentals for weddings, corporate events, holiday parties, mitzvahs, anniversaries and any other reason to celebrate!


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