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Let us answer a few of our common questions

  • What does the name "Fête Booth" mean and how do you pronounce it?"
    From French origin, a fête is a celebration or a party. There are several pronunciations (fāt or fet) but we usually say “fate”. Since it means celebration and sounds like “fate”, having a Fête Booth at your party is essential, right? We think so. Hear the pronunciation
  • How do I access my event photos?
    Guests will have the opportunity to instantly text or email themselves a copy of their photo. Below the image is a link to the event gallery site for access to other photos taken during the event. After your event has concluded, we backup all images/videos to Dropbox. You will receive a link to the event gallery as well as a Dropbox folder link for a one-click download of all your images/videos. The links are usually sent out on the Monday after your event.
  • Does your booth provide printed photos?
    Fête Booth Classic does not offer prints but digital files are easily shared. Your guests will be able to email or text their photos to themselves to share online. The photos will also be accessible from a live online gallery. You will immediately have access to the gallery link so that you can share it with your friends and guests. A download link will also be sent after your event. Fête Booth Premier includes instant on-site printing. It also offers GIFs, boomerangs and slow motion video clips like Fête Booth Classic. Your guests can also send their images and videos to themselves via email or text message. A print is provided for each person in the photo. (ie. Five people are in the photo so we will print 5 photos.)
  • Do you have unlimited printed photos?
    We print a copy of each still image for every person in the photo. We don't believe in sharing! Therefore if 5 people are in the photo, 5 copies will be made- one for each person. Want an extra copy for yourself? Check out our guest book upgrade. Every image will be printed and mounted into a book with the opportunity for guests to leave messages.
  • How many people fit in photos?
    Fête Photo Booths are open air booths that can easily 10-12 or more people.
  • Do you provide props?
    Yes, we can provide props but we think you can be creative without props! Place the booth on the edge of the dance floor and your guests will have a ball watching themselves shimmy and shake the night away, and you’ll have it all on camera! Position the booth near the bar so guests can do clink & drink boomerangs. If your heart is set on props, let us know and we can put together a fun assortment especially for you. A prop package can be added to your package for $25. Prop packages include custom sign verbiage and props of your pets.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes, we absolutely are covered! If your venue requires a copy of our policy, please let us know. The majority of the venues in the St. Louis area already have a copy on file.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    In the event that a client decides to cancel their booking or call off the event for any reason, Fete Booth is entitled to retain the non-refundable, non-transferable retainer amounting to 25% of the total for services booked. Notice of cancellation of the event or change of heart must be given to Fête Booth in writing. If such cancellation or change of heart occurs less than thirty (30) days prior to the date of the event, client shall be responsible for the remaining balance of the total fee. If the event is postponed or date changed, official notice must be given in writing. We will try to accommodate the rescheduled event subject to availability.
  • What is your travel fee? How far do you travel?
    Some venues do require a travel fee outside of our main radius in St. Louis, Missouri. To calculate the travel fee, if applicable, enter your venue address on our quote/booking page and the amount will be automatically calculated. We do travel outside of the St. Louis, Missouri area. Fête Booths have traveled to multiple states and even to Los Cabos, Mexico! Please inquire for travel fees.
  • I want a neon sign. Where can I buy one?
    So glad you asked! We have an online store where you can design and purchase your neon sign! Check out the Eye Candy Confetti Neon Builder at If you want a custom layout or logo, we can help you design that as well. Click the custom button on the bottom of our neon builder page to get started. If you are purchasing a neon sign from another company, it is essential to get a dimmer & remote so that we will be able to control the neon brightness so it looks good in your photo booth images.
  • Will you hang my neon or other sign?
    If you rent one of our backdrops, we can hang your neon or other sign. There is no additional cost if the sign was purchased through our sister company, Eye Candy Confetti. The hanging fee for all other signs is $25 and can be added when you book online.




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