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What is the guestbook package add-on? 

If you have a photo booth with printing, you can add a keepsake guestbook upgrade to your package. An additional Fête Booth staff member will be dedicated to building your album on-site.  The staff member will assist in adhering the images into the book and asking guests to include a handwritten message.


Fête Booth guest books are 12" x 12" with expandable binding to allow for as many pages as needed.

Several cover options are available .


Guests leave handwritten messages on white card stock pages. The pages are then inserted into clear protective sleeves. 





Black Linen

Cream Linen

White Leather

Black Leather

Please note: We will make every effort to accommodate your preferred cover option but due to unknown supply issues, we may need to make a similar substitution. 


What is included in the guestbook upgrade?

  • A second Fête Booth staff member dedicated to building your album on-site (1 staff member is already included in your printing package) 

  • Keepsake guestbook album

  • A printed copy of all images

  • Extra pages as needed for the album

  • Supplies for creating the album

  • Pens for guests to use

Why do I have to pay extra if my package includes unlimited prints?

Your package does not include unlimited prints. All packages include unlimited guest prints. This means that if there is a group of 5 people in a photo, we will print 5 copies-- one for each person in the photo. With the guestbook upgrade, you will receive a full set of all photos taken and placed into the album.

Can I provide my own guestbook?

No. We only allow the guestbook provided by us. 

Problems we have experienced when we do not provide the guestbook include:

  • Albums that are not bound in a way to allow for pictures. This means the binding will break, tear or no longer close

  • Adhesive that does not work

  • Glossy pages that messages smear or wipe completely off

  • Inside pages that are thin so messages bleed through

  • Albums that do not fit the printed image dimensions

Why do I need a staff member dedicated to building the album?

Guests (especially after cocktails) need directions on adding their image and signing the album.

Issues that will happen when a staff member is not managing the book:

  • Images will not be added to the album

  • Guests will ignore the album and no one will sign it

  • Drinks will be spilled on the pages

  • Guests will not know how to tape the image-- this means prints will be all over the pages, prints will be sticking off the pages outside of the album, pages will be taped together, tape will be placed on the front of the image and not the back...etc. (We're not making these things up! We've actually seen this all!)

  • The album will be taken off the table by a guest wanting to look at the pictures and then never returned to the table

  • Guests will remove images of other guests they don't like

  • Inappropriate sketches will be drawn on the pages

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